Four Reasons Why a Party Bus Is the Perfect Choice for Children’s End of School Year Parties

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The end of term is just over the horizon with most schools getting prepared to close for the summer or having already begun the long and well-earned break. Breaking up for summer is always an exciting time for kids across the country, who are particularly looking forward to their time off due to this summer’s brilliant weather. To celebrate completing the school year, children often like to enjoy a day out with their classmates at one of the South East’s best party locations. Choosing the right destination for the party is usually not a...

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Four Ways a Party Bus Always Trumps Getting a Taxi

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It can be tough organising a night out for you and your friends. This is especially true when it comes to the travel arrangements – especially if you’re still relying on taxis to get around. While once upon a time this might have been the only mode of transport you could choose from, now there are other options such as hopping on a party bus. This vehicle is the perfect way for you all to ride in style and it always trumps getting a taxi. Here are four reasons why. 1. Inclusive A taxi just can’t accommodate big friendship groups. This means...

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Celebrate Summer with a Party Bus

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Summer is finally here, and with the south already seeing sizzling temperatures, what better way to celebrate than getting all your friends together for a big night out? Whatever the celebration may be, from making it through those exams to a milestone birthday or simply enjoying a drink in the beautiful weather, if you’re looking for that special touch for your big night, a party bus has you covered. We offer a full range of party buses for hire in various locations in the south, including Essex, London and Hertfordshire, so all you have to...

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Five Ultimate Kids’ Party Locations

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There’s nothing like seeing a child’s face light up at their birthday party. With many great locations to choose from, you don’t even have to rearrange your house for the big day. Selecting the perfect venue can be tricky, so we’ve collected a few of the most amazing places to treat your child. So hop aboard the party bus in Hertfordshire and get ready for a celebration you’ll remember forever. Jump In, Elstree Children have a limitless appetite for jumping, so Jump In, Elstree, is a natural destination for a...

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Single? Limousines Aren’t Just for Lovers!

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Limousines are often people’s first choice of transport for romantic occasions like first dates and weddings. This, however, doesn’t mean that they are just for lovers. Instead, eligible singletons can get just as much enjoyment out of them – sometimes even more than those who are partnered up! With this in mind, here are four reasons why limousines aren’t just for people in relationships. 1. Friends Two’s company but three definitely isn’t a crowd. In fact, you can squeeze 13 of your closest pals into a limo if your heart desires. Just think...

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The Four Best Things About Having A Limo Pull Up At Your House

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There’s no better sight than having a limousine pull up outside your house. Whether you’re heading on a romantic date or off for a night on the town, it’s always a thrill to see one waiting for you to hop in. If you’re thinking of booking a limousine, here are the four best things you’ll find about it arriving at your home. 1. Pictures There’s always a photo opportunity when a limo is in the mix. This is certainly true when it’s parked outside your home so that you can get both your house and the vehicle in the snap. Don’t forget to wear your...

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Top Essex Restaurants Which Suit Limousine Arrival

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Whether you’re treating the whole family to the meal of a lifetime or you think your workforce deserve a treat after the Christmas rush, then booking a meal at a top Essex restaurant and arriving by limousine is the ultimate way to show your love and/or appreciation.   Thai up at the Quay, Harwich Being somewhat out of the way compared to much of Essex, a drive to Harwich takes 30 minutes from Colchester and 50 minutes from Chelmsford, making it even more important to arrive in luxury and comfort via limousine. Once you arrive...

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Five Reasons To Hire A Party Bus For A Fantastic Night Out In London

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London is a city that never sleeps making it perfect for a night out with friends. No matter if you are celebrating a birthday or want to enjoy a West End Show, party bus hire is your number one choice. Below we explore five reasons for hiring a party bus for your fun night out in London. 1. A Relaxing Atmosphere A huge advantage when hiring a party bus for your night out in London is that you can relax and have fun. All of the worry and stress is taken away from you as the party bus will go wherever you want it to go. You and your friends...

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Rewarding Your Staff With A Great Night Out

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Rewarding Your Staff With A Great Night Out

Here at Swift Travel, we understand the importance of staff morale. Research shows that employees who feel valued at work are more engaged and committed to their jobs. And nothing tells employees that they are valued like a company event that goes all out! So if you are looking to reward your staff, thank them for a job well done, or as an incentive, here are some of the most recommended events we can take your teams to. Arriving in style in one of our bespoke party buses or limousines will set off your event perfectly. Cocktail Making...

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Why Your Halloween Night Out NEEDS a Party Bus

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Halloween is almost here! The spookiest night on the calendar is marked all across the country – and many people head for a night out to celebrate with their entire squad in town. So, what’s the best way to get you and your friends straight into the heart of the action? A party bus, of course! Here are three reasons why a party bus will ensure you have a night to remember this Halloween. Atmosphere There’s always a few giggles when you’re getting into your costume on Halloween. However, there’s no bigger mood-killer than when you and your...

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