Benefits of Hiring a Party Bus for Your Party

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Are you planning a hen or stag do? Out on the town to celebrate a birthday? Or are you throwing a party just because? No matter the occasion, one thing’s for sure: a party bus can turn your already great party into a truly exceptional and unforgettable one.

Party buses are luxurious, comfortable and, of course, impressive. After all, who doesn’t like to travel in style while having fun with friends and family? There are many benefits to book one of these fantastic buses for your next get-together and we’re having a look at them here.

A group of friends enjoying the inside of a party bus from Swift Travel

There’s Room for Everyone

The great thing about these buses is that they can accommodate everyone in your party, so you don’t have to worry about leaving anyone behind. Party games are great, but having to ‘eenie meenie miney mo’ your guests is probably not what you had in mind when you invited them…

A party bus also means they can travel with you instead of having to take separate cars. Be it a wedding party or a work anniversary, a bus will allow you to have everyone together and get the party going immediately – you don’t have to wait to start having fun, as ‘getting there’ is just as fun as the destination itself.

It’s Cost-Effective

You don’t have to compromise comfort and glamour to favour price instead. Party buses are incredibly affordable because expenses are shared, meaning you don’t have to spend a big chunk of your budget on taking different cars to the event. Because a party bus is very economical, it’s the vehicle of choice for many special occasions, including proms or other students’ parties.

You Can Bring Goodies with You

Can you imagine having to carry bulky decorations, drinks, snacks or games on your car or public transport? Neither can we, especially not while dolled-up and on the way to a party, which is why we have the perfect solution here at Swift Travel. A party bus takes away that hassle and lets you focus on what’s really important – spending quality time with your loved ones without worrying about the logistics of transporting supplies.

Enjoy Unmissable Amenities

Imagine the scene: you have a drink in your hand (we offer a mean complimentary bubbly), your friends or family by your side and the excitement of a great evening ahead of you. The cherry on the cake is the top-of-the-line entertainment that will make you not want to leave the bus once you get to where you want to go.

Our buses are equipped with disco lighting, plasma TV screens, air conditioning, surround sound system, karaoke, a bar and a laser lighting system – what else could you ask for? It’s full-on fun all the way to your venue, so sing, dance, and have a great time.

Convenience is Priceless

Driving a group of people to a party (perhaps having to go back and forth a few times to pick up all the guests) is a major inconvenience – no matter how much you like everyone. Also, no one wants to be the designated driver while they can join in on the fun instead. Having a driver takes away this hassle and worry. You don’t have to spend time planning who is bringing who or whether everyone can fit in all the cars, as our drivers will simply take over, leaving you to just kick back, relax and enjoy yourself.

With our party bus hire in Essex, we specialise in creating memories that will last a lifetime by making you and your guests feel like a VIP.

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