Best Nights out in London (Part 1)

By on Jan 5, 2015 in Party Bus Hire |

When it comes to nights out in London, there are no shortage of options, and that means there’s plenty to do when it comes to parties! No matter what your preference is, London has something to offer you, so in this, the first of an ongoing series, we’re going to bring you a few of the best options for a memorable night out in the capital. Sure, we could just give you a list of clubs, and they’ll definitely be covered, but why be narrow minded?! Here are a few choices to get you started…


You knew it was coming, and we make no apology for that! Fabric has been on the go for more than a decade, and they’re still the kings of the city even today. If new and on-trend electronic music is your thing, then this is the place that you’re looking for. Fabric even has a few chilled out areas for those times when you need a pit-stop, so there’s no danger of burning yourself out before time.

Secret Cinema

If you’ve not yet tried out Secret Cinema, then it’s well worth a look! Nothing starts a party off better than a memorable experience and a bit of drama, and you’ll certainly get that here. When they say ‘secret’, rest assured that this is exactly what’s meant, as the venue will only be revealed a matter of days before the evening starts, and the film will remain a mystery until you arrive. Intriguing!

Victor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

Hey, who says we have to stick with ‘mainstream’ choices? Isn’t broadening horizons what it’s all about. Technically, this is a recently-opened part of the Natural History Museum, and if you fancy frequenting a bar that looks like it’s come straight out of a Tim Burton flick, then give this a go! They do all the usual snacks as well; just make sure that the rather ‘unusual’ scenery doesn’t put you off…


Of course, regardless of what you’re doing for your party night out, there’s always room for an arrival in style, and that’s where Swift Travel has got you covered. We’ve been providing party bus hire in London for years, and you’ll find no better service to take you anywhere in the city, so contact us now by calling 01279 739193 or emailing to get the party started.

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