Fancy Dress: Picking the Ultimate Theme

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Our party bus hire in Hertfordshire is the perfect partner to make your party go off with a bang. We strive to make your trip as mega as possible, bumping the tunes and supplying our high quality fun-mobiles, but what of your theme? Everyone knows that when you’re partying you’re going to want a theme. I mean, how would everyone know that you are all out and mean business?

Well you party animals are lucky that we’re here, we like to make your life that little bit more spontaneous (and perhaps a little more crazy), so cast your eye over a few of our fancy dress suggestions to get your party bus a-rockin’:

Bad Taste

This classic theme is a firm party favourite, but for those people that have been living under a sexy cat costume all their life, this theme brings out the creativity in people… or lack thereof. Essentially, pick the worst combination of clothes that you can possibly think of. That top you hate that you got bought last Christmas? Chuck that on. Those Pat Butcher ear-rings? Get ‘em worn! Always a giggle, this theme will absolutely make your party the centre of attention… for all the wrong reasons.


This fancy dress theme is perfect for both women and men. Everyone loves a fancy dress theme, particularly if they get to look good whilst doing it! Men, grab your waistcoats and your cockiest attitude and become Gaston for the night. Women, pick a ball gown and be… well, just about anyone! A free drink for anyone that can muster a Sebastian or Flounder costume.


Y’arrr! The perfect opportunity to wear that puffy shirt that you’ve alw… What? Oh, well if you don’t have one, now’s the time to get one! Don an eye patch and a bandana and get practicing your best accent. Also, what better reason can you think of to spend the evening drinking rum?

Cmere You - iStock_000002596576_Medium

Children’s TV

A sure fire winner, the children’s TV theme allows you to become one of your very first role models. This theme also allows a lot of scope for you to split up into groups and become teams; Power Rangers vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Scooby-Doo cast vs Power Puff Girls. Get creative!

“When I Grow Up, I Want To Be”

Another nostalgia trip, you can have the scope to be quite literally anything. You’ve got the obvious doctors, nurses or fireman, but how about a spaceman? Ever want to be a rock star? There’s a lot of possibilities with this one!

Alice in Wonderland

Whilst you may end up with three or four Alice’s and a handful of Cheshire Cats, the more creative amongst you will branch out into a Walrus or a White Rabbit. Play your character, keep in role, but make sure you reign in the Mad Hatters…

Alice and Mad Hatter - iStock_000016046965_Medium


Is it old? Is it new? Either way it looks great! Having a bus full of steampunks is bound to grab the attention of any jealous onlookers. What other opportunity are you ever going to find to dress as a Victorian from the future? Exactly.


Everybody loves a good obscure celebrity. Let the competition for the most obscure celebrity fancy dress commence! If you’ve ever wanted to watch Keith Chegwin and Ainsley Harriot play drinking games, now’s your chance. Dave Benson-Phillips vs Gary Rhodes at air-hockey? You’ve got it!

Making memories (and maybe losing the odd brain cell) are what parties are about! What better way to do that through a load of ridiculous photos capturing you and your mates going headlong into an extreme or foolish fancy dress theme? Having said that, fancy dress is one thing, but you’re going to need the wheels! We can help you out there… contact us on 01635 573573 to arrange your own personal party bus and let’s get your party on the road!

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