Four Reasons Why a Party Bus Is the Perfect Choice for Children’s End of School Year Parties

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The end of term is just over the horizon with most schools getting prepared to close for the summer or having already begun the long and well-earned break.

Breaking up for summer is always an exciting time for kids across the country, who are particularly looking forward to their time off due to this summer’s brilliant weather.

To celebrate completing the school year, children often like to enjoy a day out with their classmates at one of the South East’s best party locations.

Choosing the right destination for the party is usually not a challenge, but arranging reliable transport for a large group of kids can be. However, Swift Travel’s fantastic party bus solves any logistical problems you may encounter. Here are four reasons why a party bus is the ideal choice for end-of-school parties.colourful party balloons iStock_000051472880_Small

  1. On board entertainment

Our party buses are equipped with a range of different entertainment systems that are ideal for your children’s parties. Plasma TV screens give kids the chance to watch their favourite film on their way to laser quest, the snow centre, or any other activity on the agenda. The kids are bound to love our brilliant surround sound systems and on-board karaoke will allow everyone to practice their vocals/singing before their disco party! These are some of the features of our party buses that kids are bound to love, making the party bus an ideal choice for end-of-school-year parties.

  1. Great fun

After a long year at school, kids want to be able to celebrate in style, and there is no better way to do this than hiring a party bus. Of course, picking the party destination is important in ensuring an enjoyable day out, but travelling in fashion can also contribute to the amusement.

The journey is usually disliked by children which can sometimes result in choosing a party location within very close proximity. However, since our buses are decorated with banners and balloons to suit the occasion, and equipped with laser lighting, the journey will become as much part of the occasion as the event itself . Not only will everyone enjoy the journey; you will have much greater choice when it comes to choosing the party location as there is no longer the requirement to look very local.

  1. Convenience

Save yourself the hassle of having to organise transport through arranging taxis for the party; book a party bus instead, and we’ll do the rest.

As a parent, you’re likely to have enough on your plate when it comes to organising the activities and finding a suitable date where everyone is available. There’s no need to add any further unnecessary stress associated with booking numerous taxis or having to pick up the whole group of friends when you can easily book a party bus, which is a more convenient and enjoyable form of transport.

Best of all, our party buses are suitable for up to 16 people, making them ideal for school parties. All of the partygoers can enjoy their time by being together throughout the entire day,  something taxis cannot offer.

  1. Cost-efficient

Not only is hiring a party bus convenient and a decision that guarantees great entertainment for the party; it’s also brilliant value for money, especially when you take into account the cost of booking multiple taxis.

For more information about our brilliant party buses, give us a call on 01279 816619 or get a quote by filling in our quick and easy online enquiry form.


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