Got Festival Fever? 5 Great Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Party Bus

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Cheltenham festival, Glastonbury festival, Great British Beer festival – whatever your passion, getting to a festival can be a nightmare with traffic jams, detours, and endless queuing. Travel separately from your mates and you can spend all day trying to find each other and miss all the action. So why not hire a party bus? Here are 5 great reasons why you should travel in style to your next festival.

Here are 5 great reasons why you should travel in style to your next festival.


It’s a One-Off Fee

There are no costly cabs from the station that seem to rack up the price every minute and no car services that get lost on a ‘shortcut’. Just professional drivers who will get you to your destination on time and in style. Split the fee between 12 of you and it’s a surprisingly cheap way to travel.


You Won’t Get Bored

If you do get stuck in traffic, there’s so much to do on our party buses you’ll never get bored! Flat screen TVs, disco lights, full sound systems and more, sure to get you in the festival spirit before you arrive.


There’s Plenty of Room

Off to the races in the full gear? Our party buses have plenty of room for your top hats and fascinators. Going to Glasto? Then we have all the space you need to stash your festival gear and travel in comfort. Why battle with public transport when our party bus will get you there in style?

You Don’t Have to Worry About Drinking and Driving

Drawn the short straw and you are the designated driver at a beer festival? Then why not suggest that you hire a party bus between you? There’ll be plenty of space for any purchases and if you feel a little tired and emotional on the way home you’ll have room to stretch out and snooze.


You Can Get in the Groove

Make a playlist of the bands you’re looking forward to seeing and play them out loud! Not only will you arrive ready to party, but festival goers who travel together arrive together – no looking out for your mate’s flag in a sea of thousands!


If you’re looking for Party Bus Hire London, Essex or Hertfordshire then contact us on 01279 739193 and let us start your festival season with a bang!

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