How to Prep for a Perfect Night Out (For the Girls)

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Everyone loves a night out but everyone also knows how important it is to be prepared before hitting the town.

It’s a well known fact that women usually take longer than men to get ready for a night out, but all women know just how much effort goes into having the perfect evening with your friends.

We’re going to delve into the world of pre party preparation and give the lowdown on exactly how to make the most of your night out, even before you have left your house!

Arrange Plans In Advance

If you are inviting your friends over to your place before heading out, make sure that everyone that you want to attend knows about it well in advance.

This not only gives them enough time to get back to your with their reply, but also gives you time to invite people who you may have initially forgotten- no one wants to feel like a “last resort” when they have been invited on the day.

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Similarly, if you have been invited to someone else’s, make sure that you reply as soon as you know if you can or can’t attend. Being upfront is better than leaving it to the last minute when other plans may have been made with/without you in mind because you haven’t said that you can or cant attend.

Be Prepared

It’s no use rushing round trying to get ready with 5 minutes to go before you are supposed to be heading out of the door- mistakes will be made!

If you are inviting friends over, make sure that you have done most of the prep before they arrive, unless you are all planning to get ready together.  Starting your prep around 3 hours at least before you are supposed to be out will give you enough  time to calmly get ready and will allow for any outfit, makeup or hair catastrophes that you may encounter.

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Take a relaxing bath before you start getting ready and you’ll be in the perfect mind frame for getting ready without a hitch.


Going out on an empty stomach is never a good idea. Always make sure that you make enough time to eat before you go out to ensure that your stomach has something to soak up a bit of the alcohol that you will be consuming.

If you are going out for a meal with the girls before hitting the tiles, a light snack is a great idea that will tide you over until your meal later in the evening and will soak up a bit of the alcohol that you will consume beforehand.


Bag It Up

Make sure that you have all your essentials in your bag before you leave.

These can include:

  • Money
  • Fully Charged Phone
  • Bank card (for emergencies)
  • Keys
  • and I.D

Checking that you have these before you head out of the door reduces the change of any panic stricken moments later on during your night as you’ve forgotten your keys or your purse at home.

Spontaneous nights out can be just as fun as planned ones, but having a pre-arranged plan for your night ensures that you know exactly what is going on and when it will be happening. Besides, it’s quite satisfying when a plan comes together!

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