The Ultimate Party Bus Experience with Swift Travel

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It feels like you’ve been waiting forever for your 21st birthday night out to roll around and now you can’t quite believe the night has arrived. You’ve spent the whole day being pampered like a princess, from getting your hair styled to getting your nails painted in a colour that matches your fabulous dress.

You’re now sat waiting patiently for your Swift Travel party bus to arrive. You’re sat with all your favourite people and you’ve got a glass of prosecco in your hand – it’s a brilliant start to what is going to be a memorable evening.

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Your mum comes into the room and tells you all that the disco bus has arrived. You correct her laughing “party bus,” and then pick up your bag, making sure that you have everything you need inside.

10 minutes later you’re all sat on the bus ready to start the night. The place has been decorated with balloons, streamers and banners. You think it looks amazing and can’t stop taking photos. The disco lights are getting you in the mood to party, as well as the fact that all your favourite songs are blaring out of the surround sound system. All 14 of you are sat drinking your complementary glass of bubbly and daring each other to get up on the karaoke.

You pretend to resist but you know you’re going to go first – you never say no to a good sing-along!  What should you do first? Rihanna? Britney? No. Beyonce! As “Single Ladies” begins to blare out of the speakers, you stand up and prepare yourself to give the performance of a lifetime.

A few hours later, a few drinks later and one very sore voice and feet later, the party bus drops you and your friends off at a club. You’ve had the best time on the party bus and you’re so sad that it’s time to leave. You can’t thank the driver enough for looking after 14 excitable women all night! You’re definitely going to use the service again in future.

You grab your bag and head off the bus, waving at the driver with a huge grin on your face. What a night!!

Laughing friends clinking champagne glasses at a hen night looking at camera


Looking to make your own memories like the girl in the story above? Put your trust in Swift Travel.

Whether you’re looking for party bus hire or limo hire, we have you covered. Just contact us on 01279 739193 and we will be happy to give you more information!


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