Why Your Halloween Night Out NEEDS a Party Bus

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Halloween is almost here! The spookiest night on the calendar is marked all across the country – and many people head for a night out to celebrate with their entire squad in town. So, what’s the best way to get you and your friends straight into the heart of the action? A party bus, of course! Here are three reasons why a party bus will ensure you have a night to remember this Halloween.

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There’s always a few giggles when you’re getting into your costume on Halloween. However, there’s no bigger mood-killer than when you and your mates have to simmer down and sit quietly in the back of a taxi.

Rather than risk losing your buzz, you can all keep the fun going by letting loose in a party bus. The vehicle – which fits 16 people and plays funky music alongside a laser lighting system – will ensure that you have an amazing start to the night after putting so much time and effort into your costumes.


Yes, a party bus is all about fun and games. That said, it’s also extremely practical – especially on Halloween. If you and your friends have synced your costumes with a theme, you can all arrive together in full force. The opposite would be risking walking the streets on your lonesome looking a little bit out of place!

As well, if you all arrive together, there’s no need to be waiting outside in the cold for taxis – which may not have turned up or may be stuck in traffic – to arrive. After all, there’s no place for a jacket on Halloween even though it’s usually a chilly night.


If you choose to hire a party bus in London, then you can look forward to choosing a spooky soundtrack for the journey. With control over what jams are played through the speakers, it’s the perfect opportunity to dance to songs such as ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘The Time Warp’ during your journey.

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Halloween only swings by once a year, so make sure you don’t let it pass without having the best night out ever. Book a party bus today and you’ll find that you and your friends are in for a treat this October. For more information, feel free to contact us at Swift Travel.

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