4 Reasons Why Going to Prom Without A Date Is More Fun

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Deciding to go to prom alone is something that a lot of people think about. In fact, the thought may have already crossed your mind briefly before you quickly shake your head and tell yourself that you need to find the perfect date before your big night arrives.

There is so much pressure to finding this perfect date, that often many people believe that they can’t attend prom if they don’t have one – or at least will feel like they can’t show up with no one on their arm.

However, going to prom alone isn’t something that anyone should be ashamed of. In fact, we think that there’s more reasons to ditch the date tradition and go it alone than to stress about finding “the one” to spend the evening with! If you’re someone who is ready to take to the dance floor and boogie with your buddies instead, here are some more reasons  that you should go it alone to your prom night.

There’s No Awkward Prom Date Photos

One of the most dreaded parts of the evening is the photography. How are you going to stand? Where do your hands go? How awkward will you look if you aren’t actually a couple?

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Rather than add to the inevitable stress of your prom night – and believe us, you will get a little stressed out – have a photo taken with your best friends instead. These photos will probably mean more to you in the years to come that one of you stood with a person you don’t really know, trying your best to look like a successful couple.

You could even have a photo taken of you on your own – there’s no better way to show off the effort that you’ve put into your appearance for the night than letting yourself shine in your own photo!

You Can Do What You Want

More often than not, if you have a date on your arm, you’ll always feel inclined to do everything together while you are at prom. It’s not a requirement, but take a look around at those people who have already attended prom as a couple, and you’ll notice from their photos that they’re practically joined at the hip throughout the entire night.

Karaoke party

If you’re a free spirit – or simply want to just have fun without following someone round like a baby duckling all evening – going to prom alone gives you the freedom to do what you want to do. Fancy a dance to your favourite tune? Go for it! Want to sit down and people watch for a while? Sit for as long as you like!

Don’t just go as someone’s date for the sake of it – we guarantee that the both of you will feel like a hindrance to each other when it comes to wanting to you your own things!

There’s No Awkward Dances

At 15/16 years old, we’re willing to bet that you’re not used to grabbing someone by the waist, holding them close and swaying gently to a love song. Of course you’re not.

Young women having fun dancing at nightclub

As it’s prom, you can 100% guarantee that you’ll be subjected to at least one soppy song that couples will flock to the dance floor to awkwardly sway to. That’s okay, some people may enjoy accidentally stepping on their date’s toes or bumping into that couple who simply can’t get the rhythm down.

If you’re someone who would rather spare yourself the embarrassment of slow dancing with a partner, then just simply attend prom without one. It doesn’t mean that you can’t dance if you decide to – grab a willing friend and go for it! You’ll be making fun memories rather than awkward ones! Slow dancing isn’t for everyone and is especially best avoided if you aren’t romantically attached to anyone – you don’t want to give a person the wrong idea about their relationship with you!

It Gives You an Opportunity to Party With Your Friends

Prom is meant to be a celebration of the end of your school life, and we think that there’s no better excuse to get together with the people who have been with you through thick and thin and have a good ol’ party.

Although tradition may dictate that having a date is the only way that you can enjoy prom, we guarantee that you’ll have even more fun if you let loose and party with your friends instead. You can rely on them to keep you entertained, they know how you work and what you like and you know that you  won’t get judged (much) for your dancing skills!

Photo of stylish man in elegant black suit

Grab all your friends together, arrive in style in a beautiful hired limo and get ready to have a fun, relaxed prom night!

Prom is supposed to a be a night where you can relax and enjoy your final weeks of being at school. Don’t let the stress and strain of finding a date pull you down! Make memories that you won’t forget and most of all enjoy yourself!


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