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Many brides cite their wedding day as the happiest day of their lives, but we reckon that their hen parties often come a close second, so in this blog we’re looking at what makes a hen party truly special, including why you should be considering traveling in style in one of our party buses.

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Essex is one of the most popular places for hens to travel to for their dream party, and we can certainly see why; there are plenty of fun activities that would be fun even when you’re sober but are even better after a tipple or two. At the top of our list in Essex, we have the traditional pamper party and cocktail mixing experiences, but other much-loved ideas include blood-pumping assault courses and learning to dance like Beyoncé – Hens nowadays like to keep fit! Below, we talk about some other ideas which you might want to add to your current list of things to do:


Life Drawing

An activity which strikes fear in the heart of many a young art student but can be a real giggle with close friends. Now is not the time to be ashamed of your drawing skills, but a chance to understand why practicing art in a group can be so fun. It’s certainly a unique activity that will raise a few eyebrows, but don’t be afraid to try something exotic for your hen do!



Since sporty activities are high on every hen’s list these days, we reckon that you will love zorbing with your friends in Essex. It’s a bonkers activity that leads to incurable cases of the giggles, as well as bringing everyone closer together for some mindless fun.


Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Surely every hen loves either chocolate or wine or both, so this event is sure to please everyone in your party. It’s a chance to try some perfectly paired consumables, all completely delectable and each piece indulgent.

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Escape Rooms

Popular with friends, societies, businesses, and now hen parties too! An escape room is exactly what you need to inject some thrilling urgency into your evening. Learn who is best at puzzle solving and how good you are at working together as a team to crack the mystery.

Even better, raise the stakes by planning to reward your group with cocktails if you succeed, or a penalty game of spin the bottle if you fail.


Samba Dancing

A bit like zorbing, Samba is an activity that is going to get everyone active and excited, but samba has the added benefit of teaching everyone an interesting skill, as well as dressing up in traditional costume to get everyone in the right mood.


Tipsy Tea

This is the perfect activity for those hens who are a little laidback but looking to have some modest fun. A tipsy tea is the height of sophistication with a quaint sandwich selection, traditional scones and tiny puddings – the only difference is that the tea has been traded for a slender flute of prosecco or a scrumptious cocktail.

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How ever you plan to party on your hen night, stay safe by hiring luxury transport to and from each of your events. You can hire a party bus from Essex to ensure that you and your hens stay together throughout the night. Our party buses are designed so that your fun doesn’t have to stop whilst traveling between venues – continue to party in style with our buses’ disco lighting, TVs, surround sound, complimentary bubbly and even karaoke!



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