The Ultimate Pre-Prom Party

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Prom season is swiftly approaching, and teens across the country are trying on dresses, suits, and the odd kilt. Whilst they worry about perfecting their look alongside studying for their GCSE’s, give them something to look forward to by planning a party that ends with a party bus from Essex delivering them to their destination with their friends. 

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Camera Ready!

Every proud parent needs to be ready to immortalise their child on camera on the big day. This means checking that your camera battery is charged and inserted, as well as emptying the SD card and safely returning it to the camera. Alternatively, you can rely on your phone camera where you can always store images via message sending services if you run out of internal storage.

If your child is a little camera shy, don’t be afraid to hand the camera to someone else and dive in the photo too! For some people, having their picture taken isn’t as scary when it’s in a group. Alternatively, you could talk it over with the other parents and collectively agree to arm your teenagers with disposable cameras – this way, they will all have pictures of each other that can be shared at the end of the event.

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Hors d’Oeuvres

It’s not unusual for your child to feel nervous about their prom night. For this reason, we suggest avoiding creating a pre-prom buffet for your child and their friends. Instead, they will likely appreciate a selection of hors d’oeuvres as they are less intimidating.

On the other hand, if you are planning to enjoy a bit of a party with other proud parents once your children have left in the party bus, then you may want to go all out on a buffet for your own party.

A Glass of Wine

It’s also natural for their parents to feel a little nervous about prom too, after all, you’re desperately keen for their final memory of their high school experience to be a good one. If you’re hiring a party bus for them, then you won’t have to worry about driving yourself and therefore can enjoy a glass of wine or two.

The Inside Of A Party Bus

A Party Bus

It is a good idea to enjoy your beverages early in the evening during the pre-prom party so that you can be ready to pick them up later. It can also be good to make sure that one parent stays sober in the event of an unforeseen prom-problem.

Having a pre-prom party is the best method for washing away their pre-prom fears. Getting them into the party mood by surrounding them with people they love, and who love them in return, will ensure that when they finally step out of their party bus and into their venue, they will not only radiate beauty but confidence too.

Not to mention, if you’re hosting the pre-prom party, you won’t possibly be expected to try and control every parent’s worst nightmare – the after-party.


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