Fancy Dress Ideas for Cold Weather

By on Oct 22, 2018 in Party Bus Hire |

Fancy dress parties and themed nights out are totally on trend. But in winter, the idea of skipping around in a sexy man-thong or skimpy maid’s outfit can bring a whole new meaning to being totally chilled.

Finding a compromise between something cheeky, fun, cheap and warm can be a head-scratcher. So, here are good ideas for fancy dress to warm your body and your bank balance.

Go Christmas!

When can you start to dress in a big red coat, a lovely warm hat and protect your face from the cold with a snowy beard? The Christmas countdown comes earlier each year, so if you want to hit that party or the club as Santa or Mrs Claus, why not go for it!

Even Santa’s elves get to wear green tights, a warm jacket and a nice cosy hat. Get creative and go ‘crackers’ by putting together a Christmas tree, gift box or cracker outfit.

Woman in Father Christmas Costume

All White Now

Another way to be ‘all white’ on a winter’s night, is to bulk out and dress as a snowman, woman or angel. Yards of white felt can be decorated with cotton wool to perfect this snowy but snuggly look.

A cute penguin costume will also get you noticed and keep you warm.

Yeti Another Idea

One source of inspiration for all ages is the film Smallfoot, which opened in cinemas in October. The movie has made dressing up as a yeti trendier than ever. It couldn’t be easier to sort out a Big Foot costume, either. Just buy as much white furry fabric as possible and bundle yourself up!

Superheroes and Disney – in Layers

Fortunately, there are also numerous tried-and-trusted fancy dress costumes that lend themselves well to evenings out when temperatures are low.

For one, those Disney Princesses had the sense to wear long dresses, so you can hide leggings underneath!

Plus, Superhero clothing can involve doubling up your tights. Men even get to wear underpants over their tights to warm the cockles… of their heart.

Go Small, But in Style

Of course, staying cosy on a night out becomes easier if you travel in style; by booking party bus hire, London party goers can travel warm, cosy and worry-free. In fact, ask for the heating to be dialled up in your fun party bus, and you can even risk that skimpy costume you’ve wanted to try all year round.

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