Four Ways a Party Bus Always Trumps Getting a Taxi

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It can be tough organising a night out for you and your friends. This is especially true when it comes to the travel arrangements – especially if you’re still relying on taxis to get around. While once upon a time this might have been the only mode of transport you could choose from, now there are other options such as hopping on a party bus. This vehicle is the perfect way for you all to ride in style and it always trumps getting a taxi. Here are four reasons why.

A group of friends enjoying the inside of a party bus from Swift Travel

1. Inclusive

A taxi just can’t accommodate big friendship groups. This means that people can be left out of the mix when there’s not enough space for them. Of course, this risks putting a damper on the night out from the very start. Meanwhile, a party bus is much more inclusive because it can fit up to 16 passengers. It’s therefore fun for everyone from the word ‘go’.

2. Room

It can get terribly stuffy in a taxi. There’s often not much room to even move your arms – never mind start tapping your feet to all the latest songs! Thankfully a party bus allows everyone to spread out and throw some shapes as you start the night in style with some amazing tunes.

3. Organisation

Booking taxis can be an organisational nightmare. After all, you’ll always need more than one if your group is above a certain size. This puts you in a position where several people might need to be ringing firms and arranging times. Of course, you’ll only need one party bus if your group is under 16 people. This means only one individual needs to be responsible for booking it.

4. Arrival

Multiple taxis can mean different arrival times. This can really kill the party mood when you’re all waiting to go into a bar or sit down for a meal. Luckily everyone rocks up at the same time when they’re travelling in a party bus. It’s just another way that you can ensure there’ll be no hiccups with delays.

Your Party Bus Awaits!

Forget about getting a taxi for your next night out. Instead, all you need is party bus hire Essex. After all, this mode of transport always trumps getting a taxi!

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