Planning Your Work Christmas Party?

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If you have been given the joyous task of planning your work Christmas party and are trying to think of a unique way to help your boss say thank you for the past year while circumventing a December filled with reindeer antlers and mulled wine, here’s why you need to hire a party bus.


1. We’ve Got Karaoke

Okay, so we all know colleagues hitting the mic can be a little hit and miss. There’s the one who always hogs the music (usually the boss) and the shy one who suddenly becomes all Shania Twain after a couple of proseccos, but you can’t doubt that a night of karaoke makes for comedy gold to look back on with sore heads the next morning at the office.


2. There’s Fizz

With an onboard bar, there’s no queuing for hours behind tons of other festive frolickers, wasting valuable tequila time. Sit back in a comfy seat and relax with ice-cold champagne and a selection of spirits and beers onboard your very own party bus.


3. It’s a Little More Private

Although it’s fun to socialise, it’s quite nice to have your own private party, too. Make it an extra-special VIP Christmas with the best private party bus hire in London.


4. Less Fuss

When you book with us, you won’t need to worry about decking the halls with boughs of holly, we do all that for you. With plenty of balloon and streamer colours to choose from, we will make sure your party bus is festivity-ready before boarding. Although, don’t forget the mistletoe – it might come in handy if your office crush is in attendance!

5. Of Course, it’s Unique

Why not surprise your colleagues this year with something a little out of the ordinary? Trips to the office local and the usual dinner and dance options are outdated. Book a party bus to pick everyone up from work and watch everyone’s faces light up from the moment they leave the office.

Want to up the ante with this year’s Christmas party and fancy cruising around with your own bar and entertainment system? Find out more about the best party bus hire in London and contact us to book your do today.

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