The Best Movie and Television Buses

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There are some truly iconic moments that have occurred on a bus in movie and television history. Some of them have been poignant moments, some have been high octane action and others have just been party after party. It goes without saying that as varied as the genres are, there have been some pretty spectacular variations on how buses are used.

There are many buses to choose from, but what are some of the best scenes that have been produced by this slightly overlooked essential of entertainment?

Pitch Perfect

An acapella musical comedy, this sleeper hit of movie surprised many by how successful it became (earning $115 million worldwide). Pitch Perfect was all about girl power, accepting people as they are and the power of music. It’s about as cheesy as it gets, but the charming characters and catchy tunes made it almost impossible to hate. Amongst the musical numbers came a charming bus scene that encompasses everything this movie is all about. So, bop along to Party in the USA and enjoy the fun atmosphere that is exactly what every party bus should be like! Minus running out of gas, of course.

Forrest Gump

Life is like a box of chocolates. The best chocolate is the kind that fills you up and sets a warm feeling in the pit of your stomach, which is exactly what the film Forrest Gump does. It’s sweet, rich and just the right kind of bitter to leave you satisfied with the ending. One of the most important parts of the movie involves the titular character, Forrest, meeting the girl who would become the love of his life when they grow up. A fateful meeting that occurs, of course, on a bus. Some would say it would have been better if he had never sat next to her on that bus. Others, that the movie would not have been the same if he hadn’t. Either way, the bus plays an integral role in this movie.

The Simpsons

Undersea, on the road and even occasionally getting the kids to school; the famous yellow bus which has been in The Simpsons from day one has been on an adventure or two. Technically, this isn’t a party bus. But there have been so many parties and adventures on this bus that it’s almost a crime not to think of it as one. With the show seemingly not ending anytime soon it is safe to say that this bus will continue to see many more adventures. Madcap adventures that you might be scared to emulate in real life, but adventures nonetheless.

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