Travelling in Style

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How you make an entrance is very important when it comes to establishing yourself in any given situation. It sets you apart from everybody else and gets you noticed by all the right people. Whether you’re taking a limo and jetting off to a business meeting in Cambridge or painting the town red in a party bus in Essex, travelling in style is the way to make any journey that extra bit special.

Where money’s concerned everybody loves a bargain; it’s basic human nature to get the most out of your money and -with your head completely set on your intended event- you shouldn’t have to worry about your travel arrangements being anything less than satisfactory.


Party Buses

Picture this; you and your friends are all set for a night out in the big city, the only problem is how to get there. Obviously you don’t want to drive into London or Chelmsford yourselves – somebody will have to be the mother hen or the father figure if you do – who wants to be sensible when you’re trying to relax and have fun? So here are your options; train, taxi or hired travel.

Unless you have a railcard on you, a train can cost up to £25 depending on where you’re travelling to and when. You also have the added disappointment of cutting your night short so that you can catch the last train back, and if you miss it? Depending on where you’re staying it looks like you’ll have to fork out another £40 for lodging.

Tax Forms and Broken Pencil

Your next choice would be a taxi, though let’s face it, taxi’s are extortionate and we’ve all met a taxi driver who insists on taking you the long way to your destination. If that’s never happened to you then we’re sure you’ve climbed into a taxi after a long night out only to find the meter has started off at two or three pounds. Either way, it looks like you’ll be having a very expensive night on the town and the journey is never much fun.

road trip

Your last option would be hired travel. Depending on what kind of event, and what kind of impression you’re wanting to make, depends on what kind of vehicle you’ll want to hire. Not only do you arrive in style but, at Swift Travel Services, our party busses are decked out with leather chairs – to allow you to travel in complete comfort; disco lights, balloons and streamers – in your favourite colours – surround sound and karaoke – so you can get the party started before you’ve reached the town! And because we want you to make the very most out of your money, we even throw in a complimentary bottle of bubbly!


Limo Hire

Now imagine you’re jetting off to a corporate event. You have a long journey ahead of you and you were working late last night in order to prepare for the coming morning. Other than taking a taxi or the train, your only other option is to drive yourself. Let’s imagine you have a car; the very last thing you want to do is wake up early – after having little sleep – and climb into a car to navigate the hectic morning rush. Driving is stressful at the very best of times; nobody wants the added stress of having to go to an important meeting or event on top of that.

Our Swift Travel Service limos are a brilliant alternative. Not only do you not have to worry about being fully awake at the crack of dawn, but our drivers take full control in allowing you a stress-free journey. With Fibre Optic Lighting and an LCD Screen we can guarantee you great privacy and lighting when completing your business notes.


You can hire our limos and party busses from Essex, London and the South East, ensuring you  the very best, stylish travel along some of the countries busiest roads. If you’d like to know more about what kind of party buses and limos we have to offer, you can ntact us on 01279 739193 for more information.






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